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Banned From Fiverr: 7 Mistakes And How to Avoid Them (2022)

Getting banned from Fiverr is the biggest fear of every Seller, as you can lose your main source of income overnight. For this reason, it’s important to understand what you can and cannot do in the platform.

In this article, we will go through the most common mistakes that can get you banned from Fiverr, and how to avoid them. Luckily, most of these points are easy to avoid, but due to misinformation Sellers are not aware of them and end up being expelled from the platform.

7 Mistakes That Can Get You Banned From Fiverr

1. Sharing your Phone Number or Email Address

expelled from fiverr
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If you have been using Fiverr for some time, I bet that at least once a Buyer has asked you to share your phone number or email address in order to speed up the communication. However, you must know that this goes against the Fiver’s Terms and Conditions.

To elaborate a bit further, any sort of communication between you and the buyer must go through Fiverr. There’re no exceptions about this.

In regards with sharing personal details, it’s only allowed if it’s required to complete the task, like for example when you need to use the buyer’s email to add it to the website you are building.

If this doesn’t apply to you, then you must entirely avoid giving this information to your Buyer. Be honest, and tell him that you are not allowed to provide this data. In most cases, the Buyer understands this and doesn’t take it personally.

2. Buying your own GIGs

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I guess that this one is understandable. You cannot buy your own GIGs as this will undoubtly mess with your Seller’s metrics.

Some new Sellers think that this will speed up the process of getting new customers, but doing this will unquestionably get you banned from Fiverr in a matter of days.

A far better approach would be to promote your GIGs in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. One way to do it is by creating a nice infographic with your GIG’s url liked to it.

Another approach would be to share your GIG’s link in your Blog or even in your email signature. Be careful not to spam people though, as this might affect you negatively.

3. Reviewing your own GIGs

expelled from fiverr
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Likewise, you also cannot review your own GIGs in order to improve your rating. We all get that rating is incredibly important in Fiverr, but by messing with the system you are not only damaging yourself (for getting banned from Fiverr) but also affecting other Sellers as the rating system loses credibility.

If you need new and better ratings, my suggestion would be to start selling your GIGs at a reduced price (for limited time) in order to make them more appealing.

In addition to this, you should be asking every client for a review at the end of the order. If you do it politely and the customer is happy with your services, you will get a new review in your profile.

4. Using different accounts

different accounts in fiverr
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Using different accounts is allowed in many different platforms, but not in Fiverr. This can be especially dangerous if you share the house with another Fiverr user (e.g., wife/husband/brother/sister).

If another person from your household uses Fiverr, my advice would be to use two completely different computers all the time. This way you can make sure that you won’t get banned from Fiverr for this reason.

If by mistake another user logs in to Fiverr using your computer, make sure to clean both the cookies and the browser cache before entering again into your account. It’s not entirely clear how Fiverr identifies this infraction, but this should increase your chances of staying in the safe side.

5. Sharing your payment account

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If for any reason friends or relatives ask you to share your payment account (e.g., Paypal, credit card) with them, so they can temporarily use it to withdraw funds, always say NO.

Sharing the payment account with another user is completely forbidden, so you should suggest them to get their own payment account instead so none of you get banned from the platform.

It’s not entirely clear why is not allowed, but I have the suspition that it has something to do with avoiding fraud, as shady users could do this approach to steal earnings from another user.

6. Spamming users

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Getting back to users is a strategy that I tend to recommend in order to get more orders. However, you should NEVER Spam users.

The rule of thumb is: You should ONLY contact users that contacted you first. And at most, ONLY one or two messages after the conversation flow is over. Otherwise, they might get annoyed and report you to Fiverr.

Being honest, it’s very unlikely that this happens. Most of the time Buyers understand that Sellers need to make a living and they don’t make a huge deal out of it. In any case, it’s always important to be on the safe side and avoid a situation that can lead to a warning or a ban.

7. Writing “bad” things on the Forums

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Fiverr platform is unique in the sense that its forums are as controlled as the direct conversions that you have with customers during an order.

For this reason, all the communication rules apply the same. Meaning that if you write things that are considered “bad”, Fiverr might decide to restrict your account.

What are the things considered “bad”? Insults, being disrespectful and writing rude comments that might offend others.

Try to always have an open mind and be ready to work out a solution to a problem. In the long run, your career will be much more successful if you have a good relationship with the Fiverr community. Not only you will get more sales, but the “mouth to mouth” marketing will be extremely effective.

Hope you liked the article! If you know any other point that can get your account banned, please share it in the comment’s section! 🙂

Have a nice day!

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